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2017 Asia, June 1: Beijing and Ulaanbaatar

June 01, 2017

When we asked our musicians what it's like to tour Asia with the Orchestra, Associate Principal Trumpet Jeff Curnow responded with this illustration about how he survives jet lag. Jeff is a well-known cartoonist, and his work can be found regularly on NPR Classical’s Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Yannick led a conducting master class and an orchestra training class at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. Four young conductors led a student orchestra while Yannick critiqued and praised their work. Prior to the classes, Yu Feng, president of the Conservatory, presented Yannick with a certificate naming him an honorary professor.

Photo by Jan Regan.

Photo by Jan Regan.

Photo by Jan Regan.

Photo by Jan Regan.

Photo by Jan Regan.

A quartet of musicians visited the Eastman Music Company Factory in Beijing, which is the manufacturing center for the Orchestra’s “buy one, give one” partnership with the Eastman Music Company, which puts instruments in the hands of Philadelphia music students. Incorporating feedback from Philadelphia Orchestra musicians, Eastman designed La Scala, a new line of instruments specifically developed for the program. For every instrument purchased from the La Scala line, one instrument will be given to a student in need in the Philadelphia public schools. Approximately 50 instruments have been given out so far. The unprecedented partnership with Eastman is part of the Orchestra’s HEAR initiative, a portfolio of programs that promotes wellness, champions music education, eliminates barriers to accessing the Orchestra, and maximizes impact through research. (L to r): Associate Principal Cello Priscilla Lee, violinist Julia Li, and Assistant Concertmaster Marc Rovetti look at what will eventually become part of the body of a viola.

Cellos lined up for the next part of the process.

Violist Anna Marie Ahn Petersen takes a photo of a worker putting a cello together.

Violins and violas.

The Orchestra musicians performed a short concert for the workers and their families.

Orchestra violinist Philip Kates visits the children’s ward of a local hospital. Photo by Jan Regan.

In his final piece Phil has a patient strum his violin to be a part of the tune. Phil always tries to make this type of visit while on tour. Photo by Jan Regan.

About 18 musicians along with staff members made up the contingent going to Mongolia for concerts and residency activities. Bass trombonist Blair Bollinger (left) and Principal Percussion Christopher Deviney await the 9:10 PM flight to Ulaanbaatar at the Beijing airport. Photo by Jan Regan.

Erica Bat-Erdene from the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar greets the Orchestra upon arrival at the airport. Photo by Jan Regan.

Photo by Jan Regan.

A stray balloon that made it on the bus provides a little entertainment as musicians prepare to depart the airport for the hotel. Photo by Jan Regan.

The Patron Tour accompanying the Philadelphians on part of their journey arrived in Ulaanbaatar earlier than the musicians. Board member Neal Krouse poses with some Mongolian wrestlers. 

David Marshall gets ready for a camel ride. David and his wife, Sandy (a Board member), have endowed the Associate Principal Second Violin Chair, currently held by Paul Roby. It is also thanks to a generous donation by the Marshalls that the Orchestra has returned to the national radio broadcasts with a new series on SiriusXM.