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2017 Asia, June 8: Seoul

June 08, 2017

A string quartet traveled to Incheon to perform at the New Cities Summit held at the Convensia Convention Center. Philadelphia and Incheon are Sister Cities. (L to r) Assistant Concertmaster Marc Rovetti, violinist Julia Li, Assistant Principal Cello Yumi Kendall, and violist Che-Hung Chen perform at the Summit. Photo by Jan Regan.

The exterior of the Seoul Arts Center, the location of the Orchestra’s final tour concert. Photo by Jan Regan.

Staff Sargeant James Beeson, himself a trombone player, meets Blair Bollinger, his long-time musical idol, before the concert. Sargeant Beeson was in the audience when members of the Orchestra performed at the U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan Base in Seoul earlier in the week. Orchestra members learned of Beeson’s admiration of Bollinger at that event and invited him to the concert. Photo by Jan Regan.

Concertgoers take a photo in front of one of the many signs in the lobby of the Seoul Arts Center promoting the Orchestra’s concert. Photo by Jan Regan.

Yannick leads the Philadelphians in Liszt’s Prometheus to open the concert. Photo by Jan Regan.

Concertmaster David Kim performs Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto. In the middle of the performance one of Kim’s strings broke, but he seamlessly exchanged violins with Associate Concertmaster Ying Fu without missing a note. Photo by Jan Regan.

The last note of the Mendelssohn Concerto. Photo by Jan Regan.

Personnel Manager Marilyn Rife (back) and Manager of Artist Services Kate Schimmer watch the concert on backstage monitors. Photo by Jan Regan.

Yannick is jubilant at the conclusion of the Orchestra’s performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. This concert was broadcast on KBS Radio and TV. Photo by Jan Regan.