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2017 Asia, May 29: Beijing

May 29, 2017

Today’s focus was on a Side-by-Side rehearsal and concert at the National Library of China Concert Hall with members of The Philadelphia Orchestra and the Starry Sky Orchestra, which is comprised of prominent Chinese businesspeople and entrepreneurs. All were formally trained on their instrument, and most were elite conservatory-level talents in their youth or adolescence.

Violinist Booker Rowe and his stand mate from the Starry Sky Orchestra get to know each other prior to the rehearsal. Photo by Jan Regan.

Concertmaster David Kim accepts a pin from his Starry Sky partner. The Starry Sky orchestra members gave pins to all Philadelphia players during the rehearsal. Photo by Jan Regan.

Philadelphia Orchestra Assistant Conductor Kensho Watanabe leads the combined orchestra during the rehearsal. Photo by Jan Regan.

Cellist Robert Cafaro and his Starry Sky stand mate discuss a finer point in the music during the rehearsal. Photo by Jan Regan.

There were many efforts at capturing the rehearsal, including this Starry Sky player who attached a GoPro to his stand. Photo by Jan Regan.

Bassoonist Angela Anderson Smith. Photo by Jan Regan.

Principal Second Violin Kimberly Fisher. Photo by Jan Regan.

Philadelphia Orchestra President and CEO Allison Vulgamore and Orchestra Executive Vice President for Orchestra Advancement Ryan Fleur wish the concertmaster of the Starry Sky Orchestra good luck and good fun on stage before the concert. Photo by Jan Regan.

The concert featured several “q and a” sessions, including one with Watanabe, who spoke about this, his first trip to China, and the experience of being on tour. Photo by Jan Regan.

A chorus joined the full side-by-side orchestra to end the concert with Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” Photo by Jan Regan.

A classic selfie to end the night, with horn player Jeffry Kirschen and a member of the Starry Sky Orchestra. Photo by Jan Regan.