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2018 Europe and Israel, June 2-3: Tel Aviv-Haifa

June 03, 2018

It was a busy few days with a delayed flight from Vienna to Tel Aviv, a welcome party upon arrival in Israel, a residency activity at Oasis of Peace, and the first concert of this leg of the tour, in Haifa.

Assistant Principal Cello Yumi Kendall waits at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport for the buses to take the tour party to their hotel. It was a long travel day from Vienna, with a two-hour delay on the tarmac waiting for paperwork to clear for departure. Photo by Jan Regan

Associate Principal Timpani and percussionist Angela Zator Nelson and Victoria Morales pass the time waiting for the buses by playing catch. Photo by Jan Regan

Bina and Michal (second and third from left), two students from HillelInternational (the world's largest Jewish college organization), welcome the tour party to their hotel upon arrival in Tel Aviv. Pictured with them are substitute flutist Niles Watson (far left) and violist Marvin Moon and First Associate Concertmaster Juliette Kang (far right).

The Orchestra partnered with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia on the Israel portion of the tour, which included a patron tour. A welcome reception was held at the hotel, sponsored by members of the patron tour. Naomi Adler, president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, welcomes everyone to the reception. Photo by Jan Regan

Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn, the founding rabbi of the Tel Aviv Synagogue and founding president of ME-Tzion (the Institute of Zionism and Jewish Heritage) performs for the guests. Photo by Jan Regan

Philadelphia Orchestra Board Chairman Richard Worley also spoke. Photo by Jan Regan

Musicians and members of the patron tour at the reception. Photo by Jan Regan

The next day a quartet of Orchestra musicians, Yannick, and other members of the tour party took a trip to Oasis of Peace, a community halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv that was jointly established by Jewish and Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel. The Oasis of Peace community, which is not affiliated with any political party or movement, is based on the concepts of mutual acceptance, respect, and cooperation.


Musicians from the local school prepare to perform for Yannick, the Orchestra members, and friends and family who had gathered for the event. Photo by Jan Regan

Yannick and his partner, Pierre Tourville, clearly enjoyed the students’ performance. Photo by Jan Regan

The Orchestra musicians who performed were (l to r) violinist Amy Oshiro-Morales, Principal Clarinet Ricardo Morales, cellist Ohad Bar-David, and violist Meng Wang. Bar-David was key in arranging this residency activity. Photo by Jan Regan

Photo by Jan Regan

A final group photo to end the visit. Photo by Jan Regan

Hélène Grimaud performs Brahms’s First Piano Concerto to open the Orchestra’s first concert in Israel, at the Haifa Auditorium. Photo by Jan Regan

Yannick leads the Orchestra in Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony to close the concert. Photo by Jan Regan

Principal Bassoon Daniel Matsukawa and bassoonist Angela Anderson Smith. Photo by Jan Regan

Part of the brass section during the Tchaikovsky. Photo by Jan Regan

Photo by Jan Regan