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2018 Europe and Israel, June 6-7: Tel Aviv—Netivot—Lod

June 07, 2018

Most of the Orchestra musicians returned home on the 6th, but a few stayed behind for the final residency activities. Musicians waited on the bus for the trip to Ben Gurion International Airport. Photo by Jan Regan

The luggage was packed and ready to go. Photo by Jan Regan

A string quartet from the Orchestra performed a concert at the Jeanne and Bennet Tanenbaum Conservatory of Music in Netivot. The Sdot Negev Regional Council, which includes Netivot, is home to more than 40,000 residents, including many immigrants from North Africa, the former Soviet Union, and Ethiopia. Photo by Jan Regan

Mandolin player Shmuel Elbaz joined the Orchestra musicians, (left to right) violinist Mei Ching Huang, violinist Paul Arnold, cellist Ohad Bar-David, and violist David Nicastro), to perform a mandolin concerto by Vivaldi. Photo by Jan Regan

Photo by Jan Regan

One of the highlights of the patron tour was a dinner prepared by famed Philadelphian Israeli chef Michael Solomonov. It was originally scheduled to be held in the Negev, a desert region in southern Israel, but was moved to the Ella Valley Vineyards, closer to Tel Aviv, for safety reasons. . Photo by Jamie Gordon

Michael Solomonov and his team prepare the dinner. Photo by Jamie Gordon

Photo by Jamie Gordon

A group of local musicians performed at the dinner. Photo by Jamie Gordon

Michael Solomonov poses with Philadelphia Orchestra musicians at the dinner: (left to right) violinist Paul Arnold, Solomonov, violist David Nicastro, violinist Mei Ching Huang, and cellist Ohad Bar-David.

The final activity of the tour was a concert by Orchestra musicians, the Lod Youth String Program, and the Lod Youth Concert Band at the Lod Music School for the Gifted and the Excellent. Established 40 years ago, the School is operated by the Ministry of Education and its music activities are for all segments of Lod’s population—Arabs, Christians, and Jews—as well as for newcomers from all over the world. Children between the ages of six and 18 study at the School, and graduates have gone on to enjoy professional careers with the Israel Philharmonic, the Jerusalem Symphony, and other orchestras around the world.

Violinist Philip Kates joined the students from the Youth String Program for their performance. Photo by Jan Regan

The string ensemble was conducted by Berl Portnoy. Photo by Jan Regan

Nir Erez (left), principal trombone of the Israel Philharmonic, joined the Philadelphia musicians, including Principal Trombone Nitzan Haroz. Photo by Jan Regan

The quartet of Philadelphians performing: (left to right) Kates, Haroz, Principal Timpani Don Liuzzi, and violist Judy Geist. Photo by Jan Regan

Don Liuzzi joined the performance by the Lod Youth Concert Band. Photo by Jan Regan

Haroz is originally from Israel so this tour gave him the opportunity to visit with family. His father, Uri, came to the event in Lod. Photo by Jan Regan