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2018 Europe and Israel, May 23-24: Brussels

May 24, 2018

Many musicians took advantage of a free day by traveling to Bruges, only an hour by train from Brussels. (L to r) Violinist Elina Kalendarova, horn player Shelley Showers, Co-Principal Bassoon Mark Gigliotti, contrabassoonist Holly Blake, and Associate Principal Percussion Anthony Orlando enjoy a break from sightseeing at a café in the central Markt. Photo by Jan Regan

Some musicians chose to stay in Brussels. On his way to the Museum of Musical Instruments with Principal Trumpet David Bilger and Associate Principal Trumpet Jeffrey Curnow, trumpet player Anthony Prisk decided to stop for what else—a Belgian waffle! 

One of the displays in the Museum of Musical Instruments was a trombone with seven bells, invented by Adolphe Sax.

Back in Brussels later that evening, Elina Kalendarova visited with an old childhood friend, Alexei Moshkov, the concertmaster of the Belgian National Orchestra. They studied violin together beginning at the age of seven, but hadn’t seen each other in 24 years! Photo by Jan Regan

The 24th began with a rehearsal at the Palais des Beaux-Arts for the first tour concert later that evening.

Musicians find any nook and cranny to warm up. Principal Bassoon Daniel Matsukawa does so in the seats of the auditorium.

Assistant Principal Bass Joseph Conyers finds a spot backstage.

At the same time a piano technician tunes the piano for Hélène Grimaud. Photo by Jan Regan

The rehearsal is about to begin.

Yannick’s plane was delayed briefly, so Assistant Conductor Kensho Watanabe began the rehearsal. Yannick arrived just shortly afterward. Photo by Jan Regan

Enjoy a clip from the rehearsal of Wayne Oquin's Resilience featuring organ soloist Paul Jacobs.


Horn player Daniel Williams and Principal Horn Jennifer Montone confer over something in the score. Photo by Jan Regan

The horn section during the concert: Brahms’s First Piano Concerto with Grimaud, Wayne Oquin’s Resilience with Jacobs, and Schumann’s Fourth Symphony. The performance was briefly disrupted by protestors in opposition of the Orchestra's upcoming visit to Israel. The protestors were escorted from the hall after a short time, allowing the performance to continue. Photo by Jan Regan

As a special encore to the appreciative audience, the Orchestra delighted with Elgar’s Salut d’amour. Photo by Jan Regan

Photo by Jan Regan