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2019 China, May 19: Beijing and Hong Kong

May 21, 2019

Acting Associate Principal Bass Joseph Conyers gets in an early morning workout. Photo by Chris Lee

Violist Renard Edwards in front of the China Conservatory of Music, where the Orchestra rehearsed with the three finalists of the first-ever China International Music Competition, in preparation for the finals concert the next evening. Photo by Chris Lee

The red carpet is rolled out as the Orchestra arrives at the China Conservatory. Photo by Chris Lee

Principal Trombone Nitzan Haroz warms up at the back of the hall. Photo by Chris Lee

Director of Orchestra Personnel Marilyn Rife calls the rehearsal to order. Photo by Chris Lee

Yannick with Principal Bass Harold Robinson before the rehearsal begins. Photo by Chris Lee

Mackenzie Melemed, an American student at the Juilliard School, confers with Yannick prior to the rehearsal. He played Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. Photo by Chris Lee

Photo by Chris Lee

Canadian Tony Siqi Yun, a student in the Pre-College Division of the Juilliard School, rehearses Tchaikovsky’s First Concerto. Photo by Chris Lee

Tony and Yannick look over the score. Photo by Chris Lee

It was a double rehearsal so lunch was provided at the Conservatory. Photo by Chris Lee

Photo by Chris Lee

Russian Alexander Malofeev, from the Gnessin Moscow Special School of Music, chose Prokofiev’s Third Concerto. Photo by Chris Lee

Photo by Chris Lee

Cellist Alex Veltman (left), Principal Horn Jennifer Montone, and cellist Derek Barnes (right), take a walk with Jen’s family after the rehearsals. Photo by Chris Lee

Associate Principal Oboe Peter Smith and cello substitute Glenn Fischbach (right) join the group for dinner at a German beer garden. Photo by Chris Lee

While rehearsals were going on for the Competition, a woodwind quintet traveled to Hong Kong for a gathering by Morgan Lewis, the Orchestra’s official law firm in China: Associate Principal Flute Patrick Williams, clarinetist Socrates Villegas, horn player Ernesto Tovar Torres, bassoonist Angela Anderson Smith, and oboist Jonathan Blumenfeld.

The musicians received a rousing ovation from the audience.

A young girl gets up-close to Socrates while he plays his clarinet.