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The Philadelphia Orchestra in the News: Simon Rattle and David Bilger

October 10, 2016

The Philadelphia Orchestra was featured prominently in the news over the weekend.

The New York Times was in Verizon Hall for Thursday’s “stunning account” of Mahler’s Sixth Symphony, led by Simon Rattle. Here are excerpts from the rave that ran in Saturday’s edition:

“The performance was most notable for its sheer beauty. That should not be surprising, perhaps, from the plush Philadelphia Orchestra, but the Sixth is not an altogether pretty work. Subtitled ‘Tragic’ by Mahler at his last performance of the symphony, it is prevailingly dark, and often gritty and abrasive.

“The orchestra’s strings are still fabulous after all these decades, and the concertmaster, David Kim, gave lovely turns to solo violin passages. The superb principal woodwinds were positively melting in their hushed choirs, with the oboist Richard Woodhams doing the heavy lifting in solos. … The brasses and woodwinds could snort, snarl, bray and swoon with the best of them, as appropriate, and the percussion section, which drives much of this work, was suitably raucous and disruptive. As always, Don S. Liuzzi gave a virtual tutorial on timpani, in a part that is almost concerto-like.”

Read the full review here. The concert repeats Monday night at Carnegie Hall.

Principal Trumpet David Bilger was featured on the CBS Evening News Friday. For the past year he’s been teaching an Afghan teen via Skype—after the young musician tracked him down on Facebook. It’s an inspiring story about the power of music that you won’t want to miss.

Photos by Jessica Griffin