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Some "Perspectives"

November 06, 2018

Yannick and the Orchestra perform the US premiere of Stacey Brown’s Perspectives November 29-December 1. Born in Kamloops, British Columbia, Stacey began Suzuki piano lessons at the age of five, and studied at the University of Victoria and the University of Montreal. Perspectives was inspired by a sculpture by Canadian composer Michel Longtin.

Stacey explains: “Longtin’s sculpture is a 4 ft. by 4 ft. panel of wood painted cobalt blue, on which square and rectangular wood pieces of varying sizes and colors have been placed according to the artist’s precise calculations.” When the sculpture is looked at directly, “it is all right angles and straight lines, while from the side, the juxtaposition of blocks creates a more fluid, undulating line, a waveform.”

Brown’s goal was not to strictly represent the sculpture, but to translate “an aesthetic experience from one medium to another, from visual to auditory,” reminiscent of Musorgsky’s Pictures from an Exhibition. She wishes to express musically the aesthetic experience of walking around art: “The object remains the same, but the perspective changes. As we consider an object, or an idea, our perspective of each new angle is colored (augmented, enriched) by the memory of what we have already seen from other angles, other perspectives, until we come full circle.” It intrigued Brown to think that “even if we return to our initial position, our perspective will be forever changed by everything seen and thought in the process of examining the object or idea from multiple angles.”

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Photo by Jennifer Emery.