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A Great Success

June 25, 2012


We’re thrilled to report that this weekend’s Stokowski Celebration Concerts were a big hit! Thanks to all who attended for making these performances so enjoyable, and especially to those who let us know how much fun they had. Here are a few comments posted on our Facebook page in reaction to the weekend performances:


“I am still flying with joy from the concert.”

“The lighting for the Stokowski shows has been beautiful. Congratulations to the Maestro, his players, the experts behind the scenes, and the enitre business organization for a successful run.”

“This was so beautiful! What a great concert tonight!!”

“What a fantastic concert this evening! We are so excited about the new season! Until then... see you at the Mann!”

“It was an incredible 3 day journey. Thank you for such an amazing music!!!”


As always we love hearing from you and look forward to producing more concerts like this in the future.

By popular demand we’d also like to offer you a memento from these performances in case you didn’t grab an original. Feel free to flip through the Stokowski Celebration program book below, or download it as a .pdf.