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Stokowski's podium

April 30, 2012

Stokowski left no element of the concert presentation untouched. He put his personal mark on every aspect of the performance, whether it dealt with the concertgoer’s live experience in the hall, the radio broadcast for at-home listeners, or how the Orchestra was heard in recordings. More on that in future posts.

Today we share with you this snapshot of his custom-built conductor’s podium. This silvery Art Deco podium can be seen in many historical photographs of Stokowski leading The Philadelphia Orchestra. It’s currently housed at the University of Pennsylvania’s Otto E. Albrecht Music Library, as part of the Leopold Stokowski Collection there. The University of Pennsylvania has generously agreed to loan us this fantastic artifact in June, where it will be on display at the Academy of Music as part of a comprehensive exhibit of Stokowski artifacts. This exhibit is open to all ticketholders for the Stokowski Celebration concerts on June 21- 23.