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2016 Asia, May 21: Shanghai

May 21, 2016

Today the Orchestra traveled from Hong Kong to Shanghai. Tour Coordinator Jeen Fedelich was ready and waiting with hotel keys and information. Photo by Jan Regan.

Some members of the Orchestra participated in a side-by-side rehearsal with musicians from the Shanghai Philharmonic. Philadelphia Orchestra Assistant Conductor Lio Kuokman led several pieces during the rehearsal. Photo by Jan Regan.

Co-Principal Bassoon Mark Gigliotti answers questions about his reed. The Chinese musicians were fascinated to learn it was handmade. Photo by Jan Regan.

Principal Cello Hai-Ye Ni performs a solo during the rehearsal with the Shanghai Philharmonic. She grew up in the area and frequently played in the courtyard of the institute where the rehearsal was held as her mother taught classes inside. Photo by Jan Regan.


The rehearsal is in preparation for a concert on Sunday, May 22, at 1:30 PM at the Shanghai International Tourism Resort Zone. The concert will include several pieces with local singers, one of whom joined the rehearsal. Photo by Jan Regan.

Associate Principal Second Violin Paul Roby. Photo by Jan Regan.

Assistant Concertmaster Marc Rovetti. Photo by Jan Regan.

Violist Marvin Moon enjoys a moment with a colleague from the Shanghai Philharmonic. Photo by Jan Regan.

Associate Principal Flute David Cramer shakes the hand of a musician from the Shanghai Philharmonic at the end of the rehearsal. Photo by Jan Regan.