Sound All Around Percussion

Charlotte Blake Alston - Host and Storyteller

Hugh Sung - Piano

Christopher Deviney - Percussion

Saturday, November 19, 2016

10:00 am Academy Of Music Ballroom

Clap your hands, stomp your feet, and feel the music of the percussion family! Percussion instruments are the oldest and largest instrument family. Mallet instruments, like the xylophone, glockenspiel, marimba, and vibraphone, as well as chimes, cymbals, the triangle, and of course drums, like the bass and snare come together to make up this unique family. Sound is produced on most percussion instruments by striking or shaking the instrument. Philadelphia Orchestra Principal Percussion Christopher Deviney will demonstrate all the instruments that can be hit, struck, slapped, and scraped.

This season, we specifically welcome children with sensory sensitivities and their families to our relaxed sensory friendly Saturday performances of Sound All Around. Our aim is to create a safe and accepting environment where children, including those on the autism spectrum and with other developmental disabilities, and their families can experience live music together. “I'm thrilled to see The Philadelphia Orchestra welcoming children and families who often do not have the opportunities to experience and enjoy the arts in a public and community space,” said Roger Ideishi, program director for Temple University's College of Public Health Program in Occupational Therapy. “This initiative demonstrates The Philadelphia Orchestra's commitment to providing music enrichment for ALL children and families regardless of ability level.”

Flexible refund policy: The Philadelphia Orchestra are committed to making every effort for you and your family to have a successful concert experience. If you are unable to attend the concert for which you purchased tickets, you may switch concert times, exchange for a different Sound All Around, or receive a full refund. 

The Sound All Around concert series is presented by PNC Grow Up Great and is endowed in perpetuity by the Garrison Family Fund for Children's Concerts.
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