Sound All Around Winds

Charlotte Blake Alston - Host and Storyteller

Hugh Sung - Piano

Elizabeth Starr Masoudnia - English horn

Monday, January 9, 2017

11:15 am Academy Of Music Ballroom

Take a deep breath and get ready to learn all about flutes and reeds! The woodwind family which got its name from instruments originally made of wood, includes the flute, clarinet, oboe, and bassoon. Though usually not part of an orchestra, this family also includes the saxophone. So how do these instruments work? Flutes produce sound when the air blown into the instrument vibrates, while the vibration of the reed produces sound for reed instruments. Elizabeth Masoudnia, the featured musician in this program, plays the English horn. You might be surprised to find it looks nothing like a French horn! It's a special type of reed instrument, called a double reed, and it looks like a big oboe.
The Sound All Around concert series is presented by PNC Grow Up Great and is endowed in perpetuity by the Garrison Family Fund for Children's Concerts.

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