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How do I access my Digital Stage performance?
On the day of your event, log into My Account and click on the “Events” tab. Here you will find your Digital Stage ticket. A blue “Watch Now” button will appear when the Digital Stage is open for the event.The “Watch Now”button willactivate one hour prior to the start of the performancepremierewhenyou can access the Digital Lobby and enjoy specially curated contentand will remain active until the content expires.

Please note that you will not be able to pause, rewind, or fast forwardduring the performance premiere. Following the performance premiere, the concert will be available for ticket holders to watch on demand through the Digital Stage in My Account for 72 hours. Most Digital Stage performances premiere on Thursday evenings at 8:00 PM ET and can be accessed through Sunday evenings at 11:00 PM ET
How can I watch Digital Stage performances on my TV?
Audiences can directly connect a personal computer to a TV using an HDMI or other cable. Find detailed instructions here: You can also enhance your Digital Stage experience by streaming the performance to aTV via Chromecast, AppleTV, AirPlay, and Amazon FireTV. Learn more details about these options below.
Why do I have to pay a fee to buy tickets?
The fees are in place to cover the costs associated with the services provided by Ticket Philadelphia. We try to make them as fair and equitable as possible, and they can vary by performance. In the live event industry, the price of the ticket usually does not cover the cost of providing the service to ticket buyers.
Is there a different fee for buying online than there is by phone?
No, the same service fee is in place for both online and telephone orders.
How can I avoid paying the service fee?
A service fee will nearly always be in place regardless of method of purchase. Patrons are welcome to visit the Kimmel Center box office in person daily from 10AM-6PM where they can pay a reduced service fee.
Is there a Dress Code for attending performances?
There is no official dress code for the any of our venues. Most Patrons tend to dress in a business or business casual fashion. However, you may see other Patrons in more formal attire and others in more casual attire. It is recommended that Patrons arrive in whatever they feel most comfortable wearing.
Does my infant or toddler need a ticket to attend a performance?
The official ticketing policy states that all Patrons including "babes in arms" require a ticket to enter. Tickets for infants or children do have to be adjacent to the accompanying adult ticket.
How do I obtain Will Call tickets before the performance date?
The Kimmel Center Box Office is open for Will Call pickup every day from 10am-6pm, or until 30 minutes after the scheduled start of the latest performance in the building. Will Call for all events, regardless of their actual production location, is available at the Kimmel Center Box Office.
How do I obtain Will Call tickets on the day of a performance?
Starting two hours prior to the performance, the Box Office at the corresponding venue will open for Will Call pick up.
What do I need to bring to obtain Will Call tickets?
You must show positive photo ID to claim Will Call tickets. It is strongly encouraged that you have an order number, and credit card used for purchase available as well.
I have lost my tickets, can they be replaced?
In nearly every instance, yes, tickets can be replaced. Contact Ticket Philadelphia by phone or e-mail to request a ticket reprint. In some cases, reprinted tickets will be held for will-call pick up at the box office.
I am unable to attend a performance. Can I get a refund?
Refunds are not permitted, as clearly stated in our ticketing policy.
Would I be able to exchange my tickets for another date?
Single-ticket purchases for Philadelphia Orchestra performances are eligible for exchanges into other Orchestra performances within the season. However, special events are excluded. All of our other organizations allow may allow exchanges for Single-ticket purchases. A $10 per-ticket fee is generally applied to these exchanges.
Would I be able to donate my tickets for a tax deduction?
The option of donating tickets back to the organization from which they were purchased is nearly always available to every Patron. Please note that Broadway series productions do not accept ticket donations.
Can I give my tickets to a friend? Do I need the tickets in hand to do so?
Tickets are entirely transferrable, and may be used by anyone who wishes to attend the performance. Please note it is a violation of our ticketing policy to re-sell tickets for more than face value, and such orders are subject to cancellation without notice.
If you do not have your tickets, but wish to transfer them to a friend, you can request a reprint and change name by contacting Ticket Philadelphia by phone or e-mail. In some cases, for instance with Broadway series performances, this will not be permitted. The new party must show positive photo ID at the box office will-call window to obtain the tickets.
Am I able to purchase tickets through a third party vendor?
Ticket Philadelphia is the only official ticketing company for events at the Kimmel Center, Merriam Theater, and Academy of Music. In some cases and for some venues, inventory may be shared with other ticketing companies, such as Ticketmaster.
Third party vendors, or brokers, are in violation of our ticketing policy at all venues, and those orders are subject to cancellation without notice. Ticket Philadelphia cannot, and does not, guarantee the validity of tickets purchased through third parties.
Photography or sound recording of any performance or the possession of any device for photographing or sound recording inside this concert hall, without the written permission of management is prohibited.

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