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Thank you for your interest in Philadelphia Orchestra auditions. Please submit a one-page PDF of your resume, titled "Last name, First Name". Please do not submit a biography. Refer to resume examples here.

Please complete the form below to be considered for an audition

Note: We no longer require deposit checks to secure your audition time. We require valid credit card information. This information will remain on file during the audition process and will be deleted should you not receive an audition invitation. It will also be deleted upon your arrival for a scheduled audition, or if we are informed of your absence within 7 business days of the audition. Invited candidates who fail to attend an audition without advance notification will be charged $100 using the provided credit card information.

Questions can be directed to

Credit Card Information Note: No charges will be made at this time. Should you be invited and neglect to audition, you will be notified that a charge will be deducted from your card. All credit card information will be destroyed following the audtion.

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Thank you for your interest in the Philadelphia Orchestra auditions!

This is to acknowledge that your resume, application materials, and credit card information have been submitted for our upcoming auditions, and that you will be receiving a confirmation email with all provided information. It is advisable that candidates do not make travel arrangements prior to receiving an audition invitation from this office.

Audition repertoire is available at Please note that provided excerpts will be distributed via email with audition invitations.

To preserve the anonymity of our audition candidates and audition committee members, please refrain from contacting committee members to discuss auditions. Kindly communicate all audition matters through

Many thanks, and we look forward to being in touch with you, soon!