BeethovenNOW: Behind the Scenes

We ask you to reconsider Beethoven with new possibilities for insight and understanding over four fascinating weeks, March 12–April 5. With the help of Composer-in-Residence Gabriela Lena Frank and three of today’s most compelling composers—Iman Habibi, Jessica Hunt, and Carlos Simon—Yannick and Your Philadelphia Orchestra re-state classical music’s most known and beloved works, the nine symphonies of Beethoven, in contemporary context.

In addition to composing Pachamama Meets an Ode, to be performed with Symphonies Nos. 1 and 9, Gabriela has served as mentor to, and champion of, her colleague composers. Last November, as Iman composed his Jeder Baum spricht, as Jessica worked on her Climb, and as Carlos created his Fate Now Conquers, the four gathered at Gabriela’s Creative Academy in Boonville, California. Watch this video for rare insight into their processes.