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Young Friend Volunteer Opportunities

We're looking for Volunteers for our upcoming Neighborhood Chamber Concert at Schmidt's Commons in Northern Liberties.

Volunteers know what goes on behind the scenes at The Philadelphia Orchestra!

Sign up to help in one of the following areas: 

Simply Social

Go crazy on social media--download our toolkit and post, like, and share to your heart's content.


Smiling faces

Greet patrons in advance of the concert and hand out concert programs. 



Distribute posters to local businesses in your neighborhood to get the word out about the event. 



Put your skills to werk—tell us what they are and we'll design a task just for you.


Sit & Sip

Bring your friends and attend the concert!


Can’t help with the July 24 event? No Worries, sign up here and we’ll contact you the next time we need volunteers!

Click here to sign up for future volunteer opportunities.