Academy of Music Board of Trustees

Caroline B. Rogers | Chair

Ralph W. Muller | Chair, The Philadelphia Orchestra

Adele K. Schaeffer | Chair Emeritus

Matías Tarnopolsky | President and CEO, The Philadelphia Orchestra

Ryan Fleur | Executive Director, The Philadelphia Orchestra; Secretary, Academy of Music

Mario Mestichelli | Chief Financial Officer, The Philadelphia Orchestra; Treasurer, The Academy of Music

Kate Allison

James P. Brandau

Anne F. Hamilton

Harry E. Hill III

Scott S. Johnson

Teresa C. Kenny

Bruce G. Leto

John H. McFadden

R. Anderson Pew

John R. Saler

Linda Fynes Siegfried

Due to rapidly evolving developments, and in accordance with the City of Philadelphia’s recommendation that all large gatherings be suspended to limit community transmission of COVID-19, all scheduled Philadelphia Orchestra rehearsals, performances, and events through May 10, 2020, are cancelled. Learn more