Council of Emeritus Directors

John A. Affleck
Peter A. Benoliel
Sheldon Bonovitz
Norman Carol
Kathleen Chimicles
R. Putnam Coes III
Peter R. Dachowski
Rodney D. Day III
Stacy Maria Dutton
David B. Ford
Toni Garrison
Peter G. Gould
Mrs. Richard B. Gould
Carole H. Gravagno
H. Edward Hanway
W. Anthony Hitschler
David F. Hoffman
Joseph H. Jacovini
Susan Y. Kim
Frederick W. Kyle
Sandra G. Marshall
Mrs. Robert C. McAdoo
Joseph J. McLaughlin, Jr.
Edward A. Montgomery, Jr.
Hilarie L. Morgan
Jeremiah P. O'Grady
John N. Park
Robert Pollack
Mary Belle S. Rauch
Mrs. Norman P. Robinson
John F. Salveson
Samuel J. Savitz
Ruthanne D. Schlarbaum
J. Lawrence Shane
Mollie D. Slattery
Richard L. Smoot
Martha J. McGeary Snider
Leonard A. Sylk
Sheldon L. Thompson
Charles K. Valutas
James W. Zug (Chair)

As of January 14, 2020

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The Philadelphia Orchestra
One South Broad Street | 14th Floor
Philadelphia, PA | 19107

Due to rapidly evolving developments, and in accordance with the City of Philadelphia’s recommendation that all large gatherings be suspended to limit community transmission of COVID-19, all scheduled Philadelphia Orchestra rehearsals, performances, and events through May 10, 2020, are cancelled. Learn more