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2023 Europe Tour, November 4–5: Baden-Baden

Posted by:  The Philadelphia Orchestra on November 06, 2023


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Following the tour, a group of musicians is flying to China to participate in residency activities and concerts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Philadelphia Orchestra’s historic 1973 Tour to China, the first by an American orchestra. Violinist Willa Finck, cellist Ohad Bar-David, and violist Marvin Moon take advantage of a free morning to practice for the China residency. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Violinists Barbara Govatos (left) and Hirono Oka pick up some goodies. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Musicians make their way to the Festspielhaus for the afternoon rehearsal. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: There were numerous audio and video broadcasts of the last two concerts in Baden-Baden, some live and some delayed. The rehearsal was also recorded. The Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini and Symphonic Dances will be broadcast in December by Arte and Deutsche Grammophon’s Stage+. SWR German Radio will delay broadcast both the November 4 and 5 concerts. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Yannick leads Rachmaninoff’s Third Symphony during the rehearsal. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: A view of the empty concert hall during the rehearsal. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Yannick and the Orchestra opened the evening’s concert with Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Backstage snacks in Germany must include pretzels. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Pianist Daniil Trifonov, Yannick, and the Orchestra stand following the performance of Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. This was Daniil’s final performance of the tour, having played on every previous concert. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Yannick sits on the podium and chats with First Associate Concertmaster Juliette Kang and Barbara Govatos waiting for Daniil to return to the stage for his second encore. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Yannick and the Orchestra at the end of the performance. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Yannick’s parents, Serge Séguin and Claudine Nézet, join the rest of the sold-out audience in a standing ovation. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Yannick was presented with a bouquet of flowers at the end of the concert, which he promptly gave to Juliette Kang, who took on the role of concertmaster for this tour. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Yannick and Matías Tarnopolsky, president and CEO of The Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center, Inc., greet Hans Messner, conductor/composer Pierre Boulez’s long-time assistant. Boulez made his home in Baden-Baden and Hans still lives there. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 4, Baden-Baden: Matías makes a toast at a dinner for the staff and crew following the concert. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Trunk space is extremely limited on tour. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Bass trombonist Blair Bollinger warms up before the final concert of the tour. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baen: Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances and Third Symphony were on the program for this concert, their only appearance on the tour. The Symphonic Dances was Rachmaninoff’s final composition, and he dedicated the piece to Eugene Ormandy and The Philadelphia Orchestra, who gave the work’s work premiere in 1941. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Bassoonist Angela Anderson Smith and contrabassoonist Holly Blake during the performance of the Symphonic Dances. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Instrument cases and trunks backstage at the Festspielhaus. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Yannick during a quieter moment in the Third Symphony. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: The Symphony No. 3 was another work given its world premiere by The Philadelphia Orchestra, in 1936 with Leopold Stokowski. Rachmaninoff himself also led the Orchestra in the piece in both Philadelphia and New York in 1939. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Juliette Kang gets a solo bow and applause from Yannick. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: For an encore, the ensemble played Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C-sharp minor, Op. 3, No. 2, in Stokowski’s arrangement for full orchestra. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: One final bow. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Matías Tarnopolsky and Juliette Kang pose backstage after the concert with Jennifer DeWitt (second from right), deputy principal officer at the United States Consulate in Frankfurt, and Lauren Bradley, office management specialist at the Consulate. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Yannick threw a party for the musicians, staff, crew, and Patron Tour attendees after the final concert. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Yannick and Daniil at the party. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Yannick makes a toast at the party with (l to r) bass player David Fay (chair of the musicians’ committee), Matías Tarnopolsky, and Benedikt Stampa, general director of the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Violist Judy Geist gets a hug from Yannick. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Principal Clarinet Ricardo Morales and Yannick share a laugh. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 5, Baden-Baden: Yannick often takes the opportunity to pose with the different sections of the Orchestra, here the first and second violins. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

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