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Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts will be rededicated as Marian Anderson Hall, home of The Philadelphia Orchestra

The DiLullos

In the Spotlight: Lisa and Peter DiLullo

Posted by:  The Philadelphia Orchestra on November 20, 2019

A Monthly Profile of Orchestra Fans and Family

Peter and Lisa DiLullo first began going to occasional Philadelphia Orchestra concerts over 20 years ago. But it took a generous offer from close friends with a subscription to really get them hooked.

“They began inviting us to come into Center City regularly, have dinner, and see the Orchestra,” says Peter. “The music was great! It became an evening out that we really enjoyed.”

Says Lisa, “Once those lights go down in the Kimmel Center, and the music begins, it’s nourishing to the soul.”

The couple began turning these increasingly regular musical (and dining) outings into date nights, at first splitting a subscription series with their friends, then getting one of their own. The Orchestra became a big part of their lives.

After a stellar career in real estate development as chairman of LCOR, Peter was nearing retirement and planning his estate. He and Lisa decided to enhance their regular annual giving with a legacy donation. That brought them even closer to the Orchestra’s administration, as well as several musicians. “We became close friends with David Kim and his wife, Jane,” says Peter. “When you start to know the musicians there’s that much more enjoyment to it.”

These social ties led to an invitation for Peter to join the Orchestra’s Board.

“Richard Worley is a very impressive man, and he convinced me to sign on. Even long before I started to understand the financial side of the business, it bothered me that the Orchestra had to work so hard to raise money. It also bothered me to see the city go crazy over its sports teams when they were number one, and here we have one of the best orchestras in the world, and I don’t see people getting all excited about it. Being on the Board’s Development Committee is giving me the chance to try to come up with ways to build support, and balance what we make with what we spend. That’s a challenging equation to go after!”

Peter gets to combine his love of sports and the Orchestra: He’s co-chaired the annual Golf Classic for the last couple of years. Among the incentives to get golfers to sign up for the fundraising event is a private performance with Concertmaster David Kim. The events have been a smash, and Peter hopes to replicate the success among an even wider group of music-loving golfers in the future.

When they’re not at a concert or on the golf course, the DiLullos volunteer at the Wawa Coffee Cart at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “It’s so rewarding,” says Peter. “Every day is a treat when we’re down there.”

And then there are their nine grandchildren.

“They’re a big blessing,” says Lisa, “and we carve out all the time we can to get to all their activities, from sports to school concerts. It keeps us busy!”

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