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Shanghai Changning Children’s Palace

50th Anniversary China Residency, November 17–18: Shanghai

Posted by:  The Philadelphia Orchestra on November 21, 2023


Nov. 17, Shanghai: After arriving in Shanghai from Suzhou, several musicians went to ShanghaiTech to coach an ensemble, first all together and then split into four groups. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 17, Shanghai: At the same time, Orchestra Executive Director Ryan Fleur and Assistant Conductor Tristan Rais-Sherman gave a lecture. Ryan spoke about the Orchestra’s 1973 tour and then opened the discussion to a Q&A for Tristan, who taught himself coding during the pandemic and now works as a software engineer in addition to conducting. This was an interesting contrast for the ShanghaiTech students, whose main field of study is technology but study music on the side. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 17, Shanghai: Cellist John Koen helps one of the students with his bow. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 17, Shanghai: Violinist Yu-Ting Chen coaches two students. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 17, Shanghai: Ryan exchanges gifts with Chen Jing, president of the Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 17, Shanghai: Davyd Booth, who was on the Orchestra’s historic 1973 tour, visits with two people who were in the audience for one of the Orchestra’s concerts back then. Whether at home or abroad, Davyd is always meeting people who either attended one of those performances or heard the broadcast that was transmitted across the country. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 17, Shanghai: That evening, Orchestra musicians gave a concert at ShanghaiTech, which opened with a performance of “Apple Pie” March by the School of ShanghaiTech University Marching Band. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 17, Shanghai: Violinists Amy Oshiro-Morales and Mei Ching Huang, Principal Clarinet Ricardo Morales, cellist Ohad Bar-David, and violinist Marvin Moon perform the first movement from Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 17, Shanghai: Violinists Daniel Han and Willa Finck and Marvin perform selections from Dvořák’s Miniatures. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 17, Shanghai: The Philadelphia and ShanghaiTech musicians pose together after the concert. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: The first event of the day was held at the Shanghai Changning Children’s Palace. As has been the case throughout the Residency, Davyd was highly sought after for interviews about his experiences in China over 50 years. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: The Philadelphia delegation went room to room enjoying performances by the children. Here they are serenaded by the choir. The Orchestra musicians were invited to join the children at the end of their performance for “Auld Lang Syne.” Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: The next stop was the Dancing Room. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: A young pianist plays for the Philadelphians and the press in the Piano and Violin Room. Photo by TCharlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: Davyd poses with the Accordion Group. He is not only a world-class violinist but also a very talented keyboard and accordion player. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: Yu-Ting receives a paper cutout from a student in the Arts and Crafts Room. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: The final stop was the Marble Hall Room, where there was a joint performance with the Chinese Folk Music Orchestra of China Welfare Institute Children’s Palace Little Companion Art Troupe. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: One of the students plays the erhu. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: The suona section of the ensemble. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: Yu-Ting, violinist Philip Kates, English hornist Elizabeth Masoudnia, and John perform the fifth movement from Jean Françaix’s Quartet for English Horn and Strings. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: Ryan poses with Zhang Xiaomin, vice chairman of the China Welfare Institution, and the entire ensemble after exchanging gifts at the end of the performance. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: All of the students, the entire Philadelphia delegation, and other officials pose in front of the Children’s Palace. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: In the afternoon an ensemble performed at the Shanghai Library East in front of over 1,000 people. The library, one of the largest in the world, was designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and opened in 2022. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: A local family added a little American flavor to their attire. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: To conclude the 50th Anniversary China Residency, the Philadelphia delegation was treated to an evening cruise around Shanghai. Udi, Mei Ching, Yu-Ting, Marvin, Daniel, Tristan, and Willa pose for a selfie in front of the spectacular Shanghai skyline. Photo by Charlie Xia


Nov. 18, Shanghai: The city all lit up. Photo by Charlie Xia

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