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Beauregard the Cat

International Cat Day 2020

Posted by:  The Philadelphia Orchestra on August 05, 2020

While performing at home isn’t the same as being on stage at the Kimmel Center, there are some perks. We’ve enjoyed several unexpected cat cameos and a few strategically placed felines over the past few months. On August 8 we celebrate all of our feline friends on International Cat Day! Here are some cool cats and kittens of The Philadelphia Orchestra for your viewing pleasure. For more quality cat content, be sure to follow us on social media (@philorch).

As a kitten, Beauregard would sit inside my tuba and chase the reflections of his eyes. I had to take it away from him because he started doing running dives into the bell. He’s scared of how the tuba sounds, though. —Principal Tuba Carol Jantsch

Lupe (short for Guadalupe) rests on violist David Nicastro’s case. This sweet feline is 18 years old!

Principal Percussion Christopher Deviney’s cat, Steve, is definitely ready to show off his cattitude on the catwalk in that spiffy bowtie.

Like father, like son? Steve joins Principal Percussion Christopher Deviney on stage to make some mew-sic with his best cymbal crash.

Here is Charlie Rose, awaiting my first student of the day on Zoom. She is always by my side for Zoom lessons and meetings, and especially enjoys studio class! —Cellist Gloria dePasquale

Cellist Kathryn Picht Read’s cats, Berry and Sherry, are purrfectly content lounging at home and taking naps (aren’t we all?).

Co-Principal Trombone Matthew Vaughn's cat, Bailey, is practicing for her Philadelphia Orchestra debut next season.

I adopted Tahoe this past January. His birthday is January 27—he's an Aquarius and he is quite quirky! He loves crawling across the floor, ripping apart toys with feathers on them, lounging in the sun, and cuddling (but only at specific times of the day). —Incoming Principal Librarian Nicole Jordan

This is our Rafa! He’s always been drawn to music. In this case he loves it so much he just had to come study with me! —Music Director Yannick Nézet-Séguin

We’re not kitten around! This was the moment that Associate Principal Viola Kirsten Johnson fell in love with her cat, Galileo.

Principal Librarian Robert Grossman adopted his cat Four after the fur-midable feline’s previous home was lost in a house fire. Thankfully, Four bonded with his other cat, Chimay.

Acting Assistant Principal Bass Nathaniel West's dog, Apricot, wanted in on the International Cat Day fun! We’ll allow it!

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