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2017-18 Season


Yannick Nézet-Séguin, Music Director, Walter and Leonore Annenberg Chair

Stéphane Denève, Principal Guest Conductor

Kensho Watanabe, Assistant Conductor

First Violins

David Kim, Concertmaster,
Dr. Benjamin Rush Chair

Juliette Kang, First Associate Concertmaster,
Joseph and Marie Field Chair

Ying Fu, Associate Concertmaster

Marc Rovetti, Assistant Concertmaster

Barbara Govatos,
Robert E. Mortensen Chair

Jonathan Beiler

Hirono Oka

Richard Amoroso,
Robert and Lynne Pollack Chair

Yayoi Numazawa

Jason DePue,
Larry A. Grika Chair

Jennifer Haas

Miyo Curnow

Elina Kalendarova

Daniel Han

Yiying Li

William Polk

Second Violins

Kimberly Fisher, Principal Second Violin,
Peter A. Benoliel Chair

Paul Roby, Associate Principal Second Violin,
Sandra and David Marshall Chair

Dara Morales, Assistant Principal Second Violin,
Anne M. Buxton Chair

Philip Kates,
Mitchell and Hilarie Morgan Family Foundation Chair

Booker Rowe,
Joseph Brodo Chair, given by Peter A. Benoliel

Davyd Booth

Paul Arnold,
Lorraine and David Popowich Chair

Dmitri Levin

Boris Balter

Amy Oshiro-Morales

Mei Ching Huang

Yu-Ting Chen

Jeoung-Yin Kim


Choong-Jin Chang, Principal Viola,
Ruth and A. Morris Williams Chair

Kirsten Johnson, Associate Principal Viola

Kerri Ryan, Assistant Principal Viola

Judy Geist

Renard Edwards

Anna Marie Ahn Petersen,
Piasecki Family Chair

David Nicastro

Burchard Tang

Che-Hung Chen

Rachel Ku

Marvin Moon

Meng Wang


Hai-Ye Ni, Principal Cello

Priscilla Lee, Associate Principal Cello

Yumi Kendall, Assistant Principal Cello,
Wendy and Derek Pew Foundation Chair

Richard Harlow

Gloria dePasquale,
Orton P. and Noël S. Jackson Chair

Kathryn Picht Read

Robert Cafaro,
Volunteer Committees Chair

Ohad Bar-David

John Koen

Derek S. Barnes,
Mollie and Frank Slattery Chair

Alex Veltman


Harold Robinson, Principal Bass,
Carole and Emilio Gravagno Chair

Michael Shahan, Associate Principal Bass

Joseph Conyers, Assistant Principal Bass

John Hood

David Fay

Duane Rosengard

Robert Kesselman

Nathaniel West


Jeffrey Khaner, Principal Flute,
Paul and Barbara Henkels Chair

David Cramer, Associate Principal Flute,
Rachelle and Ronald Kaiserman Chair

Erica Peel, Piccolo


Richard Woodhams, Principal Oboe,
Samuel S. Fels Chair

Peter Smith, Associate Principal Oboe

Jonathan Blumenfeld,
Edwin Tuttle Chair

Elizabeth Starr Masoudnia, English Horn,
Joanne T. Greenspun Chair


Ricardo Morales, Principal Clarinet,
Leslie Miller and Richard Worley Chair

Samuel Caviezel, Associate Principal Clarinet,
Sarah and Frank Coulson Chair

Socrates Villegas

Paul R. Demers, Bass Clarinet,
Peter M. Joseph and Susan Rittenhouse Joseph Chair


Daniel Matsukawa, Principal Bassoon,
Richard M. Klein Chair

Mark Gigliotti, Co-Principal Bassoon

Angela Anderson Smith

Holly Blake, Contrabassoon


Jennifer Montone, Principal Horn,
Gray Charitable Trust Chair

Jeffrey Lang, Associate Principal Horn

Daniel Williams

Jeffry Kirschen

Ernesto Tovar Torres

Shelley Showers


David Bilger, Principal Trumpet,
Marguerite and Gerry Lenfest Chair

Jeffrey Curnow, Associate Principal Trumpet,
Gary and Ruthanne Schlarbaum Chair

Anthony Prisk

Robert W. Earley


Nitzan Haroz, Principal Trombone,
Neubauer Family Foundation Chair

Matthew Vaughn, Co-Principal Trombone

Eric Carlson

Blair Bollinger, Bass Trombone,
Drs. Bong and Mi Wha Lee Chair


Carol Jantsch, Principal Tuba,
Lyn and George M. Ross Chair


Don S. Liuzzi, Principal Timpani,
Dwight V. Dowley Chair

Angela Zator Nelson, Associate Principal Timpani


Christopher Deviney, Principal Percussion

Anthony Orlando, Associate Principal Percussion

Angela Zator Nelson

Piano and Celesta

Kiyoko Takeuti


Davyd Booth


Elizabeth Hainen, Principal Harp,
Patricia and John Imbesi Chair


Robert M. Grossman, Principal Librarian

Steven K. Glanzmann

Stage Personnel

James J. Sweeney, Jr., Manager

James P. Barnes

Some members of the string sections voluntarily rotate seating on a periodic basis.

*On leave

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