Enhance Your Experience

Free PreConcert Conversations

Beginning one hour before every Philadelphia Orchestra subscription concert, a special PreConcert Conversation will give you insights into the music and music-makers you will hear on the program. PreConcert Conversations are free to all ticket holders and include interviews with renowned guest artists and composers, discussions led by members of The Philadelphia Orchestra, and behind-the-scenes information. PreConcert Conversations are held in the Rendell Room located on the First Tier of the Kimmel Center or in Verizon Hall on Friday afternoons.

Program Notes and Sound Clips Online

Program notes are available online at least one week before the concert, offering you interesting details and fun facts about the music. If you would like to learn more about the music you are about to experience, visit www.philorch.org and listen to the selected sound clips on each individual concert page.

Concert Reminder E-mails

For each performance you’ve purchased tickets to, we’ll send you a reminder e-mail about your scheduled concert and all the great ways to enjoy your Orchestra experience to the fullest. Don’t miss out on important information about late seating, the concert program, parking updates, and “My Account” access reminders.

This e-mail will also include information about pre- and post-concert activities, and ways to plan your trip to the Kimmel Center. Additionally, you’ll receive details about related concerts—if you loved your musical experience, you can reference your e-mail and purchase tickets to a similar event!