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Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts will be rededicated as Marian Anderson Hall, home of The Philadelphia Orchestra

50th Anniversary Concert Beijing

50th Anniversary China Residency, November 10: Beijing

Posted by:  The Philadelphia Orchestra on November 12, 2023

Today saw the Official 50th Anniversary Performance at the National Centre for the Performing Arts before an invitation-only audience of government officials, diplomats, and other dignitaries. Both President Biden and President Xi Jinping wrote letters acknowledging 50 years of cultural exchange between The Philadelphia Orchestra and the people of China. During the performance, news broke that Biden and Xi will meet in San Francisco next week.


Nov. 10, Beijing: Principal Clarinet Ricardo Morales and violinist Amy Oshiro-Morales take a selfie in front of the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), also known as the Egg. The building was designed by Paul Andreu and opened in 2007. Since 2012 the NCPA has been a strategic partner with The Philadelphia Orchestra. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: The evening’s performance will be a side-by-side with members of the China National Symphony Orchestra (CNSO). Cellist John Koen goes over the score with his counterpart in the CNSO. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: On the 1973 tour, Eugene Ormandy led a rehearsal of the Central Philharmonic Society of China, as the CNSO was formerly known, in Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (a piece also performed by the Philadelphians on that tour). The two organizations also exchanged gifts. As a symbol of the Orchestra’s gratitude, Matías Tarnopolsky, president and CEO of The Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center, Inc., and Principal Librarian Nicole Jordan present a score of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony to Li Xincao, deputy director and chief conductor of the CNSO. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Conducting duties at the concert were shared by Philadelphia Orchestra Assistant Conductor Tristan Rais-Sherman and Li Xincao. Tristan gifts Li Xincao a Philadelphia Orchestra baton. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: The Philadelphia Orchestra delegation poses with members of the CNSO before the rehearsal. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Oboe player Elizabeth Starr Masoudnia shares a laugh with the CNSO oboist. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Davyd is reunited with a member of the Central Philharmonic Society of China, whom he met on the 1973 tour. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Li Xincao leads the combined orchestra in rehearsing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Violinist Philip Kates plays an excerpt for his stand partner. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Tristan takes the podium for the rehearsal. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Violist Marvin Moon and his stand partner. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Matías and NCPA President Wang Ning exchange gifts while Chief Artistic Production Officer Tanya Derksen, Executive Director Ryan Fleur, and NCPA Deputy Director of International Arts Exchange Guo Shipeng look on. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: United State Ambassador to China R. Nicholas Burns chats with Li Shulei, Communist Party propaganda chief, before the start of the performance. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Li Shulei speaks to the invited guests and reads Xi Jinping’s letter aloud, which was also projected on a giant screen. “Music has the power to transcend borders, and culture can build bridges between hearts. I hope that with the vision of equality, mutual learning, dialogue, and inclusiveness among cultures, the Orchestra and artists from China, the U.S., and across the world could … continue the efforts to strengthen people-to-people ties between China and the U.S. and spread friendship among peoples of the world.” Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Ambassador Burns also made remarks and read President Biden’s letter aloud. “Music has the unique ability to take us back to the most cherished times, places, and memories in our lives. But it also moves us forward—helping transcend language, overcome geography, and unite cultures and communities around the world.” Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Tristan and the Orchestra opened the performance with Bernstein’s Overture to Candide. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Tristan also conducted Hua Yanjun’s Moon Reflected on the Er-quan Spring. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: The ensemble was joined by a number of vocalists for four selections from “Echoes of Ancient Tang Poems,” originally produced at the iSING! Suzhou International Young Artists Festival and given its United States premiere with The Philadelphia Orchestra in January 2023. The songs that make up “Echoes of Ancient Tang Poems” were written by composers from around the world, and the vocalists, also from across the globe, sang in Mandarin. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: During intermission, Ambassador Burns and his wife, Elizabeth Baylies, pose for a photo with Martha Liao, iSING! co-founder; Matías; and Hao Jiang Tian, iSING! Suzhou co-founder and artistic director. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Violinist Amy Oshiro-Morales and cellist Ohad Bar-David during the performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Li Xincao leading the Beethoven. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Li Xincao shakes Davyd’s hand at the end of the performance. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Both conductors stand before the orchestra to acknowledge the audience’s applause. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: All the soloists and Davyd receive bouquets at the end of the concert. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Ambassador Burns; Matías; Sun Yeli, director of the State Council Information Office; and Wang Yongjian, CPC committee secretary, Bureau of International Exchanges and Cooperation, Ministry of Culture and Tourism; hold President Xi’s letter. Photo by Todd Rosenberg


Nov. 10, Beijing: Ambassador Burns greets the Philadelphia musicians and congratulates them on a wonderful performance backstage at the NCPA. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

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